Duel realizes complex solutions for intelligent, integrated and secure mobility with the goal of improving business activities, community growth, and citizens’ lives.

It is a company with a strong technological vocation which invests significantly in research and development and collaborates with the academic world on innovative projects.


The Intelligence of software for monitoring, controlling private mobility and public transportation with modular and versatile solutions for national and local authorities for a sustainable mobility. We use machine learning techniques and expert systems for synchronizing and automating the processes of acquiring, processing and distribution mobility information.


Traffic: from a factor of inconvenience and economic damage to a discriminating element of corporate competitiveness. We customize solutions and services for companies using traffic information to save travel costs and time, increase customer loyalty and generate new revenue from georeferenced advertising.


We provide Traffic news tailored to radio stations depending on the catchment area and type of audience. A virtual eye always opens on every street to provide television broadcasters with amazing quality traffic images. Solutions based on innovative and proprietary technological platform for a new mode of communication.

National Traffic Information Centres

Technological solutions for mobility monitoring and distribution of multimedia and multi-channel information to citizens.

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Local Traffic Information Centres

Tailor-made software for sustainable mobility of cities and local authorities: data integration, event correlation and automatic generation of information to citizens.

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Navigation App

Customized voice traffic services per user profile to add value to navigation apps.

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Personalized traffic information to insured members via the On Board Unit in order to attract customers with always-on services on high value-added.

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Software tools dedicated to urban area transporters for an optimization of deliveries based on current and planned traffic and delivery times of goods.

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Automobile Club

Integration of customized voice-released traffic information into mobile applications of automotive associations for safe driving.

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Oil – Retail

Increased customer retention of branded apps, for listening to personalized real-time traffic information with opportunities to promote services and customer loyalty.

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Radio Stations

Service platform of radio stations for real-time traffic news selected by event severity within the territorial audience area.

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Tv Broadcasters

An innovative solution and a proprietary rendering engine for viewing from virtual cameras on any stretch of road of processed traffic situations and forecasts in real time.

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