Duel provides original solutions for intelligent, integrated and safe mobility.

We create multimedia apps that improve citizens’ daily lives in the areas of mobility,
tourism and art.

We invest significantly in research and development activities for innovative green mobility and smart living projects based on A.I. and machine learning technologies.

ITS Platform

Smart Mobility

Smart Living

Duel Platform

The ITS Duel platform supports institutions responsible for mobility planning and citizens. For smart, informed and safe mobility.

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Traffic Information Management

The Duel platform supports mobility professionals to make informed decisions and provide timely communications to the public. Based on Datex II standards.

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Traveler Information & Traffic Player®

Real-time traffic reports on radio, smartphones and car-entertainment systems to facilitate travellers’ daily mobility.

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Urban Logistics

Services dedicated to urban logistics, complementary to traditional fleet management systems. Also for iOS and Android devices.

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Traffic Player

Traffic player® assists travelers in dealing with the inconvenience of road traffic. Also for iOS Carplay and Android Auto. The service uses TomTom® FCDs.

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Urban Mobility

Services for efficient, integrated and sustainable urban mobility and software, web, and mobile app development.

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PAAS Services for Traffic Information Center

In order to make the Traffic Information Centre services more effective for citizens, some of our services can be used independently, in PaaS mode.

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Digital Tourism

Projects for digital tourism using VR, AR and city tour assistant technologies. Explore what we are developing to enhance our country’s cultural heritage.

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Some of our R&D projects, the bedrock of who we are: Dotto, JTJ and VIVA.

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