Company Profile

Duel’s mission is technological innovation. Research and development are the activities that characterize the daily working life of the company.
We do not like to talk about products, but rather solutions that solve problems for the customers we work with. Therefore, Duel as a challenge, willingness and pleasure in finding always better solutions thanks to cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. Duel’s latest technological innovation is Traffic Over Voice, the world’s leading platform for the distribution of personalized traffic news on different channels. The uniqueness of the technology platform has been recognized by TomTom® which has acquired the exclusive worldwide distribution rights.

In 1995, the company’s history began with the creation of a virtual set design system for RAI. Then Duel developed the world’s first platform for satellite transmission of images and video sequences in unicast and multicast mode, followed by the first European platform for data processing and traffic events with multimedia distribution on different channels. These are just some of the key steps in an ongoing challenge to propose unique technology solutions for business communication and traffic information.


The three company’s founding managers have a working experience in multinational companies and large Italian companies, where they have held top management positions and responsibilities. They avail of a professional working team with technical knowledge deriving from academic studies and work experience on technological innovation projects.

The continuous acquisition of new resources from the ICT market and from the Academic world, brings to Duel, ideas and renewed enthusiasm, funneled into a working process that respects methodologies derived from the world of large companies, with the speed of action and realization of an innovative SME.