When traffic queue is unexpected

A commuter is one who, at the beginning of the journey opens his application to listen to streaming your favorite music, or the one that comes on the car radio and tune to your favorite station.

He doesn’t need a navigator, he knows the roads to his destination and expects to find traffic at the usual points. What disturbs your journey is to be faced with an unexpected queue due to unforeseen events.

The ideal for him is to receive in good time, from the app or radio he is listening, the information useful to avoid the traffic: a message in voice personalized according to its location and destination.

Duel and TomTom: voice messages to avoid traffic

This is what Duel’s Traffic Over Voice platform offers: a simple SDK will allow the music provider or radio to integrate traffic-related messages into their content.
The SDK and the service can be requested from TomTom: on the basis of an exclusive partnership agreement worldwide, TomTom and Duel develop and market voice traffic services based on the use of Duel’s Traffic over Voice platform.

TomTom is the world’s Leading provider of products and services for the Automotive market.

  • 2D and 3D Land maps covering the whole world;
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they cover many of the needs of motorists and drivers.