Automobile Clubs and associations

Clubs and drivers’ associations offer different services to meet the technical or administrative needs of their members. first of all, the roadside assistance in the event of a machine stop or accident, and to direct opportunities to purchase products and services for cars, or promotions for travel and tourism.

Car accident: a calamity to prevent

In these associations attention to road accidents is precise and constant. In fact, accidents have become a heavy phenomenon in terms of casualties, injuries and economic damage.

In recent years, the use of mobile phones during driving has become one of the most frequent causes of accident. In fact, the figure exceeds 20% in Europe and the United States.

Clubs and Associations shall take care of and finance studies and research to monitor and understand the causes of accidents. In addition, they also carry out awareness-raising and training activities aimed at the whole motorist community.

With the explosion of mobile applications, drivers ‘ clubs and associations have also taken advantage of this opportunity to provide assistance and information during the trip.

Applications, where maps with the geo-referencing of the services offered are always present, include in many cases also a visual and textual representation of the traffic situation.

Traffic Over Voice: the Personalized Voice Information Service.

Duel proposes to Automobile Clubs and associations, to integrate the TOVInformation Service on custom traffic into their apps. Within the branded app, using a SDK, TOV based on the user’s location and destination, tells the traffic safely.

The service is aimed at commuting drivers who know the roads and wish to be informed in good time about the presence and location of traffic.

The service is provided in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) mode and uses TomTom HD flow with real-time news processing and voice alerts, per individual commuter.

If proprietary applications already use the TomTom HD flow service, Traffic Over Voice will be accessible at marginal costs. The service integration involves adding a simple option on the App’S GUI, in order to switch to TOV mode and receive personalized news.