Clubs and drivers’ associations offer a number of services to meet the technical or administrative needs of their members, in the first place, the auto clubs in the event of a breakdown or accident, and to steer the purchase of products and services for cars or promotional initiatives for travel and tourism.

Car accident: a calamity to prevent

In this context, it is constant and precise the attention to the road accidents which is a serious phenomenon in terms of casualties, injuries and economic damage. In the last years, the use of mobile phones while driving has become one of the most frequent causes of accidents, with a percentage that goes beyond 20% in Europe and United States.

The Clubs and Associations other than taking care of and finance studies and research to monitor and understand the causes of accidents, develop also awareness-raising and training activities addresses to the entire driver community.

With the explosion of “mobile applications”, Clubs and drivers ‘organizations have also taken advantage of this opportunity to provide assistance and information during the journey, facilitating an immediate use of the services offered along the travel itinerary.

Mobile applications include in many cases also a visual and textual representation of the traffic situation.

Traffic Over Voice: the perfect solution for every branded app.

Duel proposes to drivers organizations and clubs to integrate into their branded app, through the usage of a SDK, a personalized traffic information service based on user’s position and destination, with voice messages and in complete safety for driving.  The service is targeted for commuter drivers that know the routes and wish to be advised in a good time about the presence and location of the traffic. Traffic Over Voice is a service provided in PAAS mode (Platform-As-A-Service) which uses Tom Tom’s HD flow with an elaboration in real time of news and voice alert, customized for individual drivers.

Whereas the applications providers already use the TomTom HD flow, Traffic Over Voice will be accessible at marginal costs. The integration of the service foresees the addition of a simple option on the GUI of the app, in order to switch  to the Traffic Over Voice mode and to receive personalized news-bulletins.