An increasingly advanced technology

The technological evolution of cars and commercial vehicles is increasingly rewarding the eco-sustainability and communication. Cars and vehicles are and will be connected and monitored, if not driven, by automatic control system.

Data and traffic information encompass in both automatic driving vehicles and in the new highly connected models. The human presence, however certain in the vehicle, will suggest an increasingly communication that does not require manual interaction, so it will be visual or vocal. It will also apply to traffic information.

Duel and TomTom together to develop innovative traffic information services

In this new technological context, the Traffic Over Voice platform offers an SDK which allows the car providers to easily integrate traffic information. The SDK and service will be made available by TomTom.

The SDK and the service will be provided by TomTom.

According to an exclusive worldwide partnership agreement, TomTom and Duel develop and commercialize the voice traffic services based on the use of Duel’s Traffic Over Voice Platform.

TomTom is the world’s leading provider of products and services for the Automotive market. Several needs of drivers and car transporters are covered by 2D and 3D territory maps of the whole world, punctual data and information on traffic events, navigation applications, and fleet management.