The Market

 Key Success Factors

The traditional in-voice traffic services are inside of the most widespread navigation app published in the app store and are used by millions of users. Competition in the marketplace is based on the quality and completeness of the services offered. On the contrary, the price is not a competitive factor for excellence, considering that the most widely used app are available free of charge. Ease of use, completeness of the services, graphic endearing solutions and features for special needs, such as speed cameras signs are instead pillars of the success.

In-Voice Traffic Services 

Quality and reliability of the data: the features of a good app.

Satellite navigation applications have the aim to assist the user through a new destination of which he or she doesn’t know the itinerary, suggesting the best routes step by step, using traffic data.
The quality and the reliability of the traffic data are, therefore, significant elements.

For the users who do not need a navigation service because already know all the options through his or her destination, the traffic is communicated to the users through a visual representation on the map. It highlights the presence of blocks on their own route, but it doesn’t allow to understand its intensity without take off the eye from the road.

TOV: a safer and more reliable service for commuters.

Countries where the service is active

Traffic Over Voice (better known as Audio Traffic) allows the producers and the distributors of navigation apps to integrate the TOV service into their products by using an SDK, providing personalized information based on the position and on users ‘destination, through voice messages and, therefore, in complete safety for driving. The service targets are the commuter drivers who already know the roads and wish to be advised in time about the traffic position on the roads and the alternative route towards their own destination.

TOV is a service provided in PAAS mode (Platform-As-A-Service) which uses Tom Tom’s HD flow service with an elaboration, in real time, of news and voice alert, customized for individual drivers. It is accessible with marginal costs for navigation app which already make use of the Tom Tom service.