The car insurance market is highly competitive. The competition already fought on the front of the prices through User Based Insurance (UBI) promotions moves, today, on the value-added solution and services in terms of extended warranties and saving opportunities. The TOV platform proposes a traffic information service based on the users’ position and destination, provided in voice with a natural language. The technology is based on an original process (Patent pending) able to elaborate, in a cloud environment, huge volumes of TomTom Floating Car Data in real time, simultaneously integrating information on events published by international TICs. This service is intended to major insurance companies on the global market with proposals tailored on the commercial needs and the integration mode in the OBU (on Board Unit).

Traffic Over Voice: a tailor-made solution for insurance companies

Countries where the service is active.

The insurance company can integrate the traffic information service into the OBU trough a personalized SDK, available alternatively by connecting its own server to the TOV platform via API.

Compared to the other OBU services, Traffic Over Voice is constantly present, in fact, it makes to avoid long queues, advising on the best routes and saving fuel.

For the company, it is a simple, straightforward solution that is immediately available, without investment costs and with an absolutely marginal price per user, especially for large volumes of insured customers.

The Traffic Over Voice service is already operational in USA, Germany, Holland, France, Sweden, Italy with ongoing coverage in the major western countries.