We do not have certainly to explain or quantify to people who work in the road haulage, of goods or people, the negative impact of the traffic in terms of fuel cost, delays in deliveries or services, besides the stress effects that it produces. There is no carrier of goods or people that does not have ideas and tools to defend himself or herself from traffic: from the app in which he or she believes more, to his previous knowledge of traffic flows, or the listening of the preferred radio.

We are able to offer something new.

We are an alternative to short news broadcasts transmitted by radio stations which are necessarily brief and generalist and talk about especially about serious events. Our key element is the personalization of the information.

For this purpose, we process speed data on roads for all major Western countries, which are made available to us by TomTom. We are able to monitor the traffic on the carrier’s route and we give news through voice messages in order to avoid that the hauler is forced to read them on the smartphone while driving.

Finally, to the news of a personalized information, we have added short-term forecasts on the evolution of the traffic along the itinerary.

Traffic Over Voice: a personal assistant at your side.

Traffic Over Voice is a personal assistant for traffic and deliveries to those who deliver goods in a metropolitan area on a daily basis. At the beginning of the day, based on the delivery objectives, , Traffic Over Voice suggests the best possible itinerary for a faster delivery sequence, which takes into account the current and short-term traffic conditions. On each delivery, depending on time and traffic changes, the assistant will update the plan.

Finally, for those who operate in individual passenger transport services- such as taxi drivers or NCC –  the ability to offer to passengers the opportunity to choose in a transparent way the route with less traffic may be a pleasant way to begin the travel, besides the advantage that a shorter run increases the time available to make other journeys, enlarging daily revenues.