An increasingly advanced technology

Technological evolution increasingly rewards eco-sustainability and communication. Cars and commercial vehicles are and will be increasingly connected, monitored – and also driven – by automatic control systems.

Traffic data and information will not be missing, either in automatic driving vehicles or in New related models. The human presence in the vehicle, however, certain, will, increasingly, a communication that does not require manual interaction, but it will be visual or vocal. This will also cover traffic information.

Duel and TomTom together to develop innovative traffic information services

In this new technological context, the Traffic Over Voice platform offers an SDK that allows car manufacturers a simple integration of traffic information.

The SDK and the service will be made available by TomTom.

On the basis of an exclusive partnership agreement with Duel worldwide, TomTom develops and markets voice traffic services based on the use of Duel’s Traffic over Voice platform.

TomTom is a leading global provider of products and services for the Automotive market.

The needs of motorists and drivers are met by:

  • 2D and 3D Land maps with global coverage;
  • punctual data and information on transiability and traffic events;
  • applications for navigation;
  • fleet management services.