When the line is unexpected

A typically commuter is that driver who opens his application at the beginning of the journey to listen to his favorite music, or who turns on the car radio to his favorite channel.

He does not need a navigator, he is well aware of the roads to his destination and expects to find the traffic at the usual locations. During the journey, what most disturbs our commuter is to have to face with an unexpected queue due to unforeseen events.

The best solution for such a driver is to receive in good time from an application or car radio the information needed to beat the traffic. A perfect information would be a personalized voice message based on his location and destination.

Duel and TomTom: voice messages to avoid traffic

This is what the Traffic Over Voice platform offers to drivers: a SDK will allow the music provides or radio to seamless integrate traffic messages into the broadcast content. The SDK and the service will be provided by TomTom.

According to an exclusive worldwide partnership agreement, TomTom and Duel develop and commercialize the voice traffic services based on the use of Duel’s Traffic Over Voice Platform.

TomTom is the world’s leading provider of products and services for the Automotive market. Several needs of drivers and car transporters are covered by 2D and 3D territory maps of the whole world, punctual data and information on traffic events, navigation applications, and fleet management.