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One of the biggest social-economic transformation produced by the web is the replacement of many traditional activities of commercial brokering of digital brokerage product and services. Examples and phenomena of economic dimension and global extension are realities such as Amazon, Airbnb, UBER, Trip Advisor, Spotify, eDreams.

We have designed and developed a new technological platform for digital brokering of advertising rights during live event streaming. In our opinion, the economic potential of such brokerage represents a possible new phenomenon similar to others, also due to its economic dimension with an estimated value of over 45 billion dollars. The remarkable fact of this brokering is that it does not penalize the current actors but rather rewards them with a multiplication of current revenues.

The system is at an advanced stage of development, positioning itself in the international TRL scale at level 7, which is the “Demonstration of the prototype in an operating environment”.

We have developed a detailed technological plan for system completion. The uniqueness and market impact dimension of the proposed system has been recognized by the European Horizon 2020 Programe with the award of a Certificate of Excellence, issued by an international committee of expert evaluators.

The project, moreover, includes an operational audit plan involving important market stakeholders as well as communication, digital marketing and live demonstrations.

The business model envisages the sale of platform services for a measured payment in terms of the share of advertising revenues. We believe the project could be of great interest not only for innovation and potential results, but also for the benefits deriving from the tax credit recognized for the current investment and the other expected benefits.

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