ITS Duel supports institutional bodies responsible for planning, monitoring and optimizing mobility on the territory thanks to intelligent solutions for the use of big data. ITS Duel supports citizens to optimize their travel through real-time multimedia and multi-channel communication on the service levels of infrastructure and transportation.

The Duel technological platform provides advanced services for the urban mobility management and decision support through the acquisition, elaboration and diffusion of road and traffic information to the public. It enables travelers to be better informed about traffic conditions and make safer and smarter use of transport networks.
The Duel technology platform is based on a modular architecture where components, software modules and databases interact to provide different services according to the different applications’ object.

Advanced services to “Centri Servizi Cittadini” and “Centri Servizi Nazionale” (city and national services centers) for efficient traffic and mobility management.

User information services in real time and by user profile, allowing travelers to make the right decision on their journeys.

Urban logistics, for the distribution of goods optimization in the metropolitan area.