Logistics and Delivery

We must certainly not explain or quantify the negative impact of traffic to those who work in road transport, goods or people. For several factors, traffic affects the cost of fuel, delayed deliveries or services, and stress.
When it is in a position to change the route, as the roads or the moment of departure, there is no haulage company that has ideas and tools to defend yourself from the traffic.

The use of apps in which he believes more, thanks also to his previous knowledge on traffic flows, or listening to the preferred radio are only two of the means with which the hauler “defends” himself from traffic.

We are able to offer something new.

Thanks to our TOV service, we are alternatives to the short news broadcast by the radios, necessarily synthetic and generalist, which speak only of the most serious events.
Our key is customization of traffic information.

To this end, we process the speed data that is made available to us by TomTom for all major Western nations. The driver will not be forced to read traffic information on the smartphone while driving. In fact, TOV is able to monitor traffic on the route and give news with voice messages.

Finally, we have added short-term forecasts on the evolution of traffic along the route to the new personalised information.

Traffic Over Voice: a Personal Assistant for traffic.

To those who daily deliver goods to a metropolitan area, Traffic Over Voice offers itself as a personal assistant for traffic and delivery.

At the beginning of the day, in accordance with predefined constraints, the service suggests the optimal route for a faster delivery sequence. TOV takes into account the current and planned traffic in the short term. At each delivery, depending on the time and traffic changes, the Assistant will update the plan.

Finally, for those who work in the individual transport services of people, such as taxi drivers or NCC drivers, we offer, indirectly, to passengers the possibility to make a transparent choice of the itinerary with less traffic. This can be a pleasant form of starting the journey, as well as the advantage that a shorter journey increases the time available to make other races, increasing daily revenues.