There are not many TV broadcasters that schedule a traffic news appointments within the day programs. Traffic is, in fact, a subject normally treated as chronic news, with specific services for significant accidents or events or for those that affect the entire road network, such as exodus during holidays, festivity or long weekends.

Public television broadcasters include in their schedule traffic news with daily appointments in palimpsest. Although of relative usefulness for those at home, they serve to testify the existence of a National Traffic Information Center, which guarantees a continuous monitoring of traffic.

Commercial broadcasters sometimes plan traffic news services, assuming that the costs are covered by a sponsor promoting products and services (for car drivers).

Duel's services for television and mobility centers.

As any other news captures the attention of the viewer if accompanied by clear images and self-explanatory of the event, this especially applies to the traffic information.

For this reason, the traffic news is produced by the broadcasters with a constantly updated graphic layout. This is precisely the direction in which Duel has collaborated over years, enabling it to offer traffic news services to RAI and the to the national and local mobility centers.

The creation of system for an automatic traffic news production requires a specific know-how, both for the creation and the use of real-time rendering engines for the event geo- reference and visualization on the maps, that for monitoring and tracking the events.

Video news with “virtual on real” visualization of traffic events.

Thanks to the use of the Traffic Over Voice service platform, Duel now offers an innovative, unique and spectacular solution for the video representation of traffic information.

Traffic Over Voice processes the FCDs (Floating Car Data) made available by TomTom with the Traffic HDflow service, generating georeferenced traffic events on the road network and selected and clustered by relevance of impact on the viability.

For each event, a Duel ‘s proprietary rendering engine provides a virtual animation, consistent with the detected traffic, and insert it – with the correct prospective – on a photographic or satellite image of the place where the event occurs.

Advantages for broadcasters

The television station will have to choose the locations it wishes to monitor and Traffic Over Voice service will provide an automatic continuous animation update, for each selected location, with a frequency of 3-4 minutes, according to the detected speed of the traffic. It will be care of the transmitter to define the broadcasting sequence of the individual locations, based on the location traffic intensity (already prearranged by the system) or on other editorial criteria.


Duel created a system for the automatic generation of video news in order to represent the traffic situation with the usage of different solutions and proprietary software for  the rendering of 2D and 3D graphic.