Market dynamics based only on price

The competition on the consumer market between the various oil companies is today mainly focused on the selling price of fuels. It is the result of a greater focus at the expense of the consumer, gained during many years of economic crisis, albeit in different ways, has affected all western countries.

Previously, in the competitive challenge, they came into play:

  • quality of fuels and lubricants;
  • level of service offered by the station manager;
  • reception of the station in terms of functionality of spaces and technological image;
  • capillarity of presence on the territory.

The competition on the fuel: a strategic challenge for the Brand Identity.

A clearly visible presence on the territory increases the probability of distribution and strengthens the Brand Identity of the company.
On the other hand, in a context of price competitiveness, the multiple presence of stations results in a critical return on investment.

After an initial positive impact, the value of the advertising initiatives and investment in customer loyalty collide in time with a complex reality, marked by a level of competition fought, always, on the price.

Traffic Over Voice: an innovative service to create added value

Duel offers large oil companies the opportunity to integrate in their app a custom traffic information service, depending on the location and destination of the user. The information is made available through voice messages and safely for driving.

In the crystallized context of price competition, an element of break with an exclusive service is introduced. The application works proactively and provides information to the motorist only when it is useful for the optimization of travel.

The application, typically always-on, offers the opportunity to the oil company not only to send messages for promotional offers from stations that are located along the route, but also to combine loyalty campaigns.