iDotto Research Project

Project Description and Purpose

The objective of the project was the implementation of an innovative application for tourists in mobility, able to adapt automatically and in real-time an audio commentary elaborated on the basis of its behaviour in space and time.

To this end, a methodology was developed for the composition of texts and codification of individual pieces, which would allow their subsequent dynamic Assembly to create a text of complete meaning.

Appropriate software modules have been developed for the construction of the text proposed to the tourist, based on the current position, the previous listening history and its expressed preferences.

The correlation between location of user and text to listen to, is consistent with the places and monuments to describe, has led to the need to associate every single song a geographical area of jurisdiction, expressed in terms of georeferencing.

With the collaboration of experts in communication science and professionals in the world of culture, the project was completed with the drafting, according to the methodology, of original texts, for a pilot area.

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Within the research project has been completed a prototype of an app and the technological service platform for the real-time distribution of georeferenced information.

Throughout the duration of the project, Duel has availed itself of the scientific collaboration of the Interdepartmental Digilab Centre of Sapienza, University of Rome.

The iDotto project for mobility tourism, was financed by the ERDF ROP 2007-2013 of Regione Lazio called “Innovation of small and micro enterprises”.


Subsequent Developments

The prototype was subsequently engineered, with the development of the iDotto application, released for iOS and Android environments in May 2013.

All intellectual property rights on iDotto, registered in January 2010 including copy, Amendment and marketing rights, were transferred to Sisweb in October 2016.

Sisweb is responsible for all advertising, marketing and sales activities of the app and system, as well as for the development of new features and functionality.

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JTJ Research project

Project Description and Purpose

The Jump Traffic Jam project (JTJ) was aimed at the design, implementation and experimental verification of a new process architecture of the production data, real-time news, traffic, elaborated on the basis of dynamic data location and the user profile and automatically generated with a natural language, for listening via the app for smartphones in absolute safety.

The project has planned a research and development activity to create short-and medium-term traffic forecasts, to be integrated into the new architecture and the process of producing and distributing customised information. The system integrates information from institutional sources, ensuring their verification and normalization in terms of content consistency, geo-referencing and time synchronization of the event.


The research project result was a prototype of the app for users in mobility.

The Spy Traffic app has been released for iOs operating system. For the development of the system, Duel has availed itself of the scientific collaboration of three departments of the University in Rome, La Sapienza ( Digilab; Department of Computer, Automatic and Management Engineering; Research Centre for Transport and Logistics).


Subsequent Developments

Duel has provided for the functional and territorial extension of the project, and product engineering, developing the TOV – Traffic Over Voice- platform, which is now the object of an exclusive technical-commercial partnership with TomTom ®.

The JTJ – platform of informative services for individual mobility, has been funded by the POR-FESR 2007-2013 of Regione Lazio, called “CO-RESEARCH, R&D in collaboration with Lazio SME’s”.

VIVA virtual advertising system

Project Description and Purpose

Virtual advertising born with the aim of sending different advertising content to different audiences during a sporting event. Thanks to specialized know-how gained through may years of experience in research, innovation, creation of product and services for international broadcasters, Duel has realized a system which solves the most common problems in the production of virtual advertising during a live event.

The system is designed to fit into a normal digital TV shooting environment and supports virtually unlimited numbers of SD or HD cameras with the same hardware.

The objectives of the research project were as follows:

  • The optimization of camera calibration model, the simplification and drastic reduction of time for the procedures and calculations associated with the creation of models;
  • The simplification of the “on field” procedures and the time reduction for the system set in order to allow the use of cameras by the operators (cameramen) without the support of specialized personnel;
  • The possibility of inserting 3D graphic contributions, animations and films in the context of television images;
  • The possibility of inserting virtual contributions on real advertising, existing in the field of shooting, eliminating the current constraint of insertion on monochromatic areas required by chrome keying systems.

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The project has led to research results of international relevance, illustrated in the scientific article Novel Patterns for Zooming Camera Calibration during the International CompIMAGE 2012 Conference.

The activities and the results of the research project were carried out in collaboration with Department of Automatic Computer Engineering and Management at the University of Rome, La Sapienza.

Article Novel Pattern for Zooming Camera Calibration – Download PDF

The VIVA project – advanced system for three dimensional virtual advertising, has been finances by the POR-FESR 2007-2013 of Regione Lazio, called “RSI  executive projects of PMI in single or associated form concerning technological frontiers”.


Download "Novel Patterns for Zooming Camera Calibration" article

Subsequent Developments

Based on the technological results achieved with the development of the VIVA system, in 2013-2015, Duel has subsequently developed a new platform, called Rembrandt which offers the unique feature of producing advertising content within the devices that receive the television signal.

Rembrandt also proposes a radical change in the business model in the market for on sideline adverting space during live streaming sports events.

The uniqueness of the system is to offer large web search engines, and related advertising collection models, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Baidu, the possibility to use the space on the sideline as if they were spaces of a website.

By maintaining the automatic auction based assignment model, advertisers can buy spaces, offering customized content for user profiles. The customization of content, made possible by the rendering of the TV signal within the receiver, thus multiplies the revenues from adverting posters in the field.

In 2016, all intellectual property rights on VIVA and Rembrant, including copy, modification and marketing rights, were transferred to Siswebsrl company . Sisweb is responsible for all activities of promotion, marketing and system’s sales, as well as for engineering and further functional development, such as the implementation of technology on mobile devices.