Sustainable Mobility: the new goal of the Public Administration.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines it as follows, “Sustainable mobility means giving people the opportunity to move freely, communicate and establish relationships without ever losing sight of the human and environmental aspects, now as in the future”.

Starting from the new millennium, the synthesis of the delegations and objectives assigned to the managers of Local Public Administration for Transport and Environment is combined with the expression “Sustainable Mobility”.

Since then, the most important initiatives and actions for a sustainable mobility have concerned the investments for infrastructures (highways, roads, bypasses, railway lines) and those for the increasing and the optimization of transport services, with particular attention to reducing traffic and air pollution.

Custom-made software to support sustainable mobility.

Software products and services to improve strategies, facilitate sharing and support the launch of a sustainable mobility truly efficient.

Software products and services have participated in the theme of sustainable mobility as useful tools for monitoring and controlling territorial areas (parking and ZTL), improving or proposing new ways of using means of transport (car sharing).

In view of a sustainable mobility, local government managers are now favoring a communication aimed at promoting the use of environmentally friendly transport and alternatives to private cars, also considering that users are now using private navigation apps which offer traffic information according to the user’s itinerary.

Information services have, in our opinion, made little or no contribution to improving the sustainability of mobility focusing on the production of radio news and mobile applications.

The IMA platform: an effective tool for data integration.

Flexibility, customized solutions and data management: the advantages of digital solutions for mobility.

Duel’s IMA platform, thanks to the simultaneous management of multiple geo-graphs related to different transport services, facilitates the integration of data and the correlation between events. This platform, thanks to the wide availability of hardware interfaces and communication protocols, allows to automatically generate information to citizens, alert for transport operators, and to manage commands for remote control of peripheral systems (lights, ZTL, parking, variable message panels).
The flexibility of configuration and the opportunity to use the IMA platform in cloud computing offers local government mobility managers a simple and immediately available solution to build a complex control center for local transport infrastructure and services.

The platform’s ability to process multimedia content (data, text, audio, video) and to distribute them on different channels (web, newspaper, radio and television) configures the Control Centre also as a Center for the dissemination of traffic information, synchronized with events and selective per receptor (local police, LPT operators, citizens) thanks to the use of rules assigned to an expert system.


Planning and management of the information mobility center: “Muoversi in Campania”

Duel has overseen the realization of the Campania Info-Mobility Services Center with the design, installation, integration and tuning of hardware and software components of the technological platform, according to the IMA system architecture.  Duel has also designed, installed and maintained a network of cameras to monitor the regional territory roads.

Multimodal Travel Planner

Duel has realized the Multimodal Travel Planner, a software application that offers high-level functionality for the planning and organization of journeys involving the use of public transportation, particularly, on road and rail.  The application uses the functionalities of the IMA platform adopted by the Service Center.

Design and installation of camera networks in the Lazio Region

Duel has been responsible for the design and installation of camera networks for road traffic monitoring. In addition to the normal counting of vehicles and traffic levels, the system is able, in an automatic way and in real time, to signal the occurrence of road traffic events, such as accidents involving fires in tunnels.

Installation of IMA platform for Rome Info-Mobility Center.

Duel realized the first Multimedia Production Center with specialized assistance services for Information  Systems . Therefore, we produced television news for LA7 and expanded the database of 3D animated contributions for the editing of TV traffic bulletins.