In order to improve the effectiveness and complete the services offered by Traffic Information Centers to the public, it is possible to use some of our services provided in PAAS mode.

Conversion of traffic data standards
Traffic Data Converter allows to convert traffic information to a different standard than the original one. The customer sends the data to the platform in a given standard, and our technology platform selects the events to be translated, converts them and makes them available in the desired standard. The service supports conversion to and from Datex II, in accordance with EU policies.
One usage scenario is the publication of information via FM radio, for which the data is now distributed in RDS-TMC standards, starting from a Datex-based platform. For Digital Audio Broadcasting, a conversion from Datex I – II to the DAB-TPEG standard defined by the European Broadcasting Union will be required.

Event creation from FCD
The platform employs an original process, for which a European Patent and U.S. Patent has been granted, to create traffic events in text format and Datex I – II, thus expanding the Traffic Information Center’s event database.

TMC traffic events customization by geographic audience

The RDS-TMC standard experiences the limit of 300 messages that can be included per single periodic transmission, which is insufficient to transmit traffic information over a large territory.
The limitation is that the most useful information for users of the RDS-TMC service is that concerning geographically closer events.
The solution we offer allows to differentiate the TMC information sent to each transmitter or group of transmitters. According to the location code present in the messages sent by the platform, the events are assigned to the relevant areas and therefore to the area transmitters.

Traffic events editor
The Events Database management system allows for the storage, consultation and modification of events using a GUI accessible from a web browser. The Event Database allows the operators of a Traffic Information Centre to create, modify and manage events automatically or manually.