Traffic player is a service that assists travelers, in order to deal with the inconvenience of road traffic.

Traffic Player employs Floating Car Data Tom Tom® and information published by Traffic Information Centers to create voice traffic news and alerts in natural language.
The service is available and operational in Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and India. Supported languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. Traffic Player service can be integrated via SDK and robust APIs into third party services. Also available for iOS Carplay and Android Auto environments.


Voice and real-time traffic reports for connected vehicles. The service is designed for use in car entertainment systems. By selecting their destination, users receive real-time traffic reports along the best routes. It is possible to receive detailed information about specific roads and receive alerts with a short description of the event, in case of emergency traffic scenarios. The service is in voice, in order to avoid diverting attention away from the road, resulting in a better and safer driving experience.

Audio Streaming

The Traffic Player’s state-of-the-art solution. Traffic Player environments becomes one of the playlists available in the music application in iOS Carplay and Android Audio. The playlist features the preferred destinations, statistically determined or entered by the user. Detailed information along the route will be accessible as road playlists, automatically sorted by relevance and traffic conditions. An alert service, highlighted with an acoustic alert, reports critical scenarios that the user can listen to on demand, without having to stop listening to music.

App di navigazione

Integrated into road navigation apps, Traffic Player becomes a complementary content to turn-by-turn driving, which is enriched with information and descriptions regarding traffic conditions along the route. The service can also be used as an alternative to turn-by-turn navigation, allowing those who are familiar with the road to receive continuous updates and alerts on the traffic scenario, allowing them to always make accurate and informed decisions.


Traffic Player gives radio stations the opportunity to provide their listeners with traffic news automatically created and updated at the time of airing, freeing the editorial staff from processing time. The news bulletins reflect real-time traffic conditions and include both events communicated by traditional sources – Traffic Police, highway operators as well as national and local Traffic Information Centers – and events generated by Traffic Player. Newsletters are sent in text format, or already produced with high quality text-to-speech, according to program schedule, geographical area or city.