Applications for efficient, integrated and sustainable urban mobility.

Intermodal Travel Planner
Intermodal Intermodal Travel Planner aids citizens to plan their journeys on public and private transport.
The application, integrated via API into mobile apps of local public authorities, features travel planning functions involving the use of public or private means of transport within a city or region.
Intermodal Travel Planner presents users with itineraries optimized according to the specifications entered, and simplifies, with a single access point for all LPT systems available in the city, region or metropolitan area, planning travel by public transport and private car.

Optimization system for goods delivery in metropolitan area
The planning system allows the courier to always follow the optimal route, taking into account city traffic and possible delivery timeframes.
During the execution of the delivery plan, the driver is alerted proactively, in case of traffic and road issues, and recommended for a new planning, if it is convenient compared to the initial one.
The application is proposed as a complement to traditional fleet management systems and it is structured to be integrated with them: the system is designed to offer its functionality through robust APIs, which make it possible to integrate with third party infrastructures.

App development
We develop software applications and mobile apps for urban mobility of public institutions and private companies, with or without integration of our services.