Some biographical notes on Duel’s three managers can give a clearer view of the areas of interest and business action.

Riccardo Colasanti, Managing Director.
Magna cum Laude electrical engineer, grows in professional terms in IBM Italia, as a manager assuming the responsibility of General Manager of Fintermica Group Staff, and lastly, as an entrepreneur with the founding of Telesia company first and then Duel. In IBM he learns management control and planning methodologies for objectives. At Fintermica, he designs and builds the first and largest European Intelligent Building Management system. With Telesia, in the Italian and European television world, he is the architect of the introduction of digital technologies for the representation of weather news and computer graphics services for sports events. At Duel, he is the first to be responsible for launching the new challenges.

Adele Penelope, Financial Director.
As head of accounting at Jacorossi, thanks to his ability to manage administrative matters in a new way and a capacity for relations and team work, she grows up by assuming roles and responsibilities, first as Administrative Director and then as Financial Director of companies in the Fintermica group. The certification of the Official Auditor of the Accounts, while maintaining management activities, allows her to take the position as Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of important Public Companies. In 1994, fascinated by the possibility of setting up a company, she accepted the challenge of Duel’s co-founder.

Antonio Di Noto, Technical Director.
An electronic engineer graduated at the top of his class, he lived his first professional experience in Telecom Italia and later as a consultant in the Ericsson group for the development of the Telecom Network Management System. He was hired in Duel since its foundation, he has been involved with Mr. Colasanti to the creation of a New Company financed by numerous venture capitalists. Here, he becomes responsible for the design of the technological platform and development of software for the distribution of content in unicast and multicast mode with use of Internet protocol. Since 2001, he has been a Board member and Technical Director at Duel. Under his guidance were realized several objectives.