Duel's Company History

Since 1994 we implement solutions to improve citizens’ daily life, in the mobility, tourism, and art domains

The Duel’s history dates back to 1995 with the creation of a virtual scenography system for RAI.
Then Duel developed the world’s first platform for satellite transmissionof images and video sequences in unicast and multicast mode. This is followed by the first European platform for processing data and trafficevents with multimedia distribution on different channels.

Over the years, Duel has continued to create highly competitive systems and solutions for industrial innovation and applicability, thus building its
history without stopping.
Its constant challenge, in fact, consists in devising and proposing unique technological solutions for business communication and traffic information.


Duel’s foundation


Creation of a virtual scenography system for RAI.


The first system in Italy for producing television news with the cartographic representation of road traffic events for the Multimedia Centre of Autostrade S.p.a.


European TV-files platformfor satellite management and delivery (store&forward in unicast and multicast mode) with DVB/IP protocol.


Partnership agreement with Eurovision for the exclusive use of the TV-Files platform.


First European platform for Multimedia and Multichannel Info-mobility services related to the different transport systems for the Muoversi in Campania Service Centre.


IMA ® application platformfor national, multimedia, and multichannel info-mobility services to the different transport systems and for the CCISS (Road Traffic Information Coordination Centre).


Application platform for Control Services and mobility planning of Regione Lazio.

IMA ® application platformfor Luceverde info-mobility services, Rome and Milan.


Mobile Travel Plannerfor individual services for information on public transport for the planning of intermodal itineraries in Regione Lazio.

Launch of iDotto audio guide, a traveling companion with original texts for tourists in the city of Rome.


Finalization of an innovative system for the production of virtual advertisementin the broadcasting of sports events.

Automatic generation of traffic in-voice news with natural voice language for user profile.


Finalization of TOV platform for the creation and distribution of personalized traffic news.

Publication of Spy-T pilot application for in-voice traffic services for user profile.


Exclusive worldwide partnership agreement TomTom-Duel for the development and marketing of Voice Traffic Information Services based on Duel’s “Traffic Over Voice” (TOV) platform.

Full functional extension of IMA platform of CCISS – Centro Coordinamento Informazioni Stradali (Road Information Coordination Center) for the new Datex II dictionary published by the European Commission.

Territorial extension of TOV services in USA, Germany, Holland, and France.


Realization of a new system for Delivery of the goods optimization in the metropolitan area, co-funded by Lazio Innova with the Mobilità sustainable e intelligent public notice.

Launching the project for implementing a Personal Traffic Assistant, an evolution of the TOV platform services.


Creation on behalf of RAI WAYof a software-based system to cellularize of the RDS – TMC signal for a traffic information distribution according to the audience covered by the broadcast transmitter.

Exhibit Roma Museum participation with the presentation of new software services for virtual and augmented reality applications.

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