Traffic Information Center

Duel, a pioneering company in this field, continues to develop advanced platforms for Traffic Information Centers (TIC). We began with the first interactive system for RAI over twenty years ago and are now providing an advanced Traffic Over Voice Service.

Today, our platform has been adopted by the Italian Ministry of Transport, ACI (the Italian Automobile Club), CCISS (Italian Coordination Center for Road Safety Information) and 5T (mobility company for the City of Turin, Turin Metropolitan Area and Regione Piemonte) as a result of European and Italian tenders.

Why Choose Duel?


    • Complete and native implementation of Datex 2 – Many of the platforms that have evolved from Datex retain its simple tabular structure which does not exploit advantages provided by Datex 2 (i.e., representation of events based on a taxonomy that allows events to be described in a more detailed fashion, suitable for analysis by automatic tools).

    • Support for Local Public Transport – Our platform provides a data dictionary for LPT, developed as part of the “Luceverde Lazio” initiative, and supports the data imports in the GTFS format.

    • Versatility and automation – Acquisition, management, and publication processes are fully configurable via workflow management systems and rules.

    • Field experience – The platform has been used by the most important info mobility initiatives in Italy and abroad, thanks to our collaboration with TomTom.
    We give you the opportunity to use the platform now and see its functionalities. All functionalities are available as a service platform or as a license of use.

    The platform is enabled by Agid for services in clouding computing mode for public administration.