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The iDotto project consists of the creation of an innovative application for the tourist in mobility.
The app is capable to automatically adjust an audio commentary in real-time, based on the behavior of a person in space and time.


iDotto, developed by Duel, was born from the collaboration between communication science experts and professionals from the world of culture; the project was completed with the drafting of original texts for a pilot area.

For iDotto, Duel created a methodology for the texts’ composition and the codification of single pieces. This same methodology allows them to be dynamically assembled to create meaningful texts.

Duel has developed software modules for constructing the text proposed to the tourist, based on the current position, on the previous listening history, and on the preferences expressed.

Each piece has been associated with a geographical area of competence, defined in georeferencing terms. This need arose from the correlation between the user’s position and the text to be heard, linked to the places and monuments to be described.

Results of the iDotto research project

The iDotto research project completed an app prototype and a technology service platform for the real-time distribution of geolocated information.

For this project’s duration, Duel made use of the scientific collaboration of the Digilab Interdepartmental Center of La Sapienza University of Rome.

The iDotto project for tourism in mobility was financed by the POR FESR 2007-2013 of the Lazio Region, Innovation call for small and micro-enterprises.

Further Developments

Later developments With the iDotto application development, prototype engineering was carried out, released for iOS and Android environments in May 2013.

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