Research Project Jump Traffic Jam (JTJ)

The Jump Traffic Jam project involved research and development in creating short and medium-term traffic forecasts.

The system integrates information from institutional sources, verifies it, and regulates its content in terms of coherence, georeferencing, and time synchronization of the event.


The Jump traffic Jam (JTJ) project aims at the design, implementation, and experimental verification of a new data process architecture for real-time traffic news production.

These news are processed based on dynamic data of position and user profile and are automatically generated with a natural language forlistening via smartphone app in absolute driving safety.

Research Project Jump Traffic Jam’s achievements
Jump Traffic Jam

With the research project, the prototype of an app for users in mobility was created.

For the development of the system, Duel used the scientific collaboration of three departments of La Sapienza University of Rome: Digilab; Department of Computer, Automation and Management Engineering; Research Center for Transport and Logistics.

The JTJ – Platform for information services for individual mobility project was funded by the POR-FESR 2007-2013 of the Lazio Region, CO-RESEARCH, R&D call in collaboration with Lazio SMEs.

Further Developments

Duel engineered the prototype with the Spy Traffic app development, released in beta test mode in December 2015 for the iOs operating system.

Since the same year, Duel has provided for the functional and territorial extension of the project by creating the platform TOV – Traffic Over Voice.

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