VIVA Rembrandt

VIVA Rembrandt was developed to simultaneously distribute custom-tailored advertising content to different audiences during sports events.

Duel has solid specialist know-how, gained through many years of research and innovation, in the creation of products and services for international broadcasters. This has allowed us to create a system that solves the most common problems of virtual advertising production during live events.

The VIVA Rembrandt system is designed to adapt to ordinary digital TV shooting environments and allows the same hardware to support a virtually unlimited number of SD and HD video cameras.


The VIVA Rembrandt research project aims to:

      • Optimize the calibration model of optics to simplify and drastically reduce the time necessary for the procedures and calculations related to the creation of the models.
      • Simplify operations and reduce on-site set-up times allowing camera operators to work without the support of specialized personnel.
      • Allow the insertion of 3D graphics, animations, and films in television.
      • Allow the insertion of virtual contributions in real advertising, directly from the shooting site, eliminating the current constraint of the monochromatic areas required by chroma keying systems.


This project has produced internationally relevant research results that were illustrated in an article entitled Novel Patterns for Zooming Camera Calibration presented at the CompIMAGE 2012 International Conference.

The project was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Computer, Automation and Management Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome.

The VIVA Rembrandt Project – Advanced System for Three-dimensional Virtual Advertising was financed by the Lazio Region POR-FESR 2007-2013 Executive CSR Projects by SMEs, either individual or in collaboration, addressing technological frontiers.

Further Developments of VIVA Rembrandt
research project

Thanks to the technological achievements produced by the development of the VIVA Rembrandt system, over the course of two years (2013-2015), Duel developed the Rembrandt Platform, which provides a unique functionality: producing advertising content in television signal reception devices.

The personalization of content made possible by rendering directly in TV signal reception devices multiplies the revenue created by advertising billboards in sports arenas and fields.

Rembrandt introduces a radical change in the business model of the sideline advertising market during the live streaming of sporting events.

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