Immensia project

Immensia Project Cultural Heritage and Tourism | Lazio Innova

Project Immensia for Cultural Heritage and Tourism | Lazio Innova

Immensia is an environment that hosts virtual models of works of art, museums, and archaeological sites and provides innovative solutions – in terms of methods, interaction, and experience of use – based on virtual reality.

Immensia: a virtual universe

The Immensia model allows you to navigate as if you were aboard a spaceship. In the Immensia universe, you encounter satellites and asteroids with perfect three-dimensional geometric shapes that represent virtual models of art works, museums, and archaeological sites. These geometric shapes identify the:

  • Content: artwork, museum, or archaeological site
  • Specific technology adopted for the virtual reproduction
  • Innovative presentation methods
  • Proposed experience of use

    Immensia‘s three-dimensional geometric symbols

    There currently are 4 three-dimensional geometric symbols in the Immensia universe:

    • Tri-pyramidal structuresrepresent solutions based on traditional video shooting, image processing, and sound systems. The uniqueness of the model is determined by the creativity of the artist, who produces an original composition of the work with audio commentary and a soundtrack. The three pyramidal points represent the images, audio commentary, and soundtrack.


    • Structures with two parallelepipeds symbolize a progressive virtual reality visit to a museum. A virtual guide accompanies the visitor, describing each of the works on display. The aim is to create an interaction with new visual content and enrich the physical exhibition.


    • Spherical structures provide a new way of experiencing works by arranging them on different parallels. This subdivision assigns each work to a category based on human emotions. This new proposal correlates art works based on a different standard than traditional cataloging by historic periods.


    • Multifaceted structures symbolize new ways of accessing paintings, sculptural worksand archaeological treasures. The several faces of polyhedrons represent the many different technological processes and holistic approaches to understand and appreciate a work.

    Further Developments

    The three-dimensional geometric symbols of the Immensia universe will increase thanks to the creativity of artists who wish to use increasingly high-performance technology to exhibit their works.

    Immensia will take shape over time through the standard cataloging of the symbols (museums and works) in its virtual universe:

    • Period and sub-periods of pictorial and sculptural art, archaeological sites and finds.
    • Historical periods and sub-periods, with relative geographical subdivisions.

    This will allow Immensia to become a virtual meeting place for cultural heritage, a space for new experiences and emotions, and a place to enjoy and learn about cultural heritage via different experiential interfaces.

    Immensia also provides an educational solution to introduce young people to the world of art and culture in a way that will allow them to learn about and appreciate it.

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