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1 Feb 2017 | Mobility

Lazio Innova recognized Duel’ sustainable and intelligent mobility project as deserving of public contribution. The Mobility project carried out by Duel has a double value, social and innovative.

Sustainable and intelligent mobility: the project

The sustainable and intelligent mobility project is based on optimizing the delivery of goods in the metropolitan area. It also provides for the development of an intelligent ICT platformand a virtual assistant for sustainable mobility for drivers interested in the urban distribution of goods. The platform uses traffic information from various sources and vehicle performance data, and sophisticated optimization algorithms. This allows the ICT service platform and the virtual assistant to assist the driver and the transport company in implementing innovative distribution schemes. All this is made possible thanks to:
  • Dynamic planning of the route and deliveries;
  • Intelligent vehicle monitoring.

ICT service platform and virtual assistant

The ICT service platform and the virtual assistant were created to optimize the service offered, in terms of business profitability, reducing environmental impact and benefit for residents and users of the city.

The research activity will be carried out by the Research Center for Transport and Logistics (CTL) of the La Sapienza University of Rome, which boasts decades of experience in fleet management systems.

The CTL has developed an experimental system consisting of a Fleet Management System (FMS) and specialist modeling for energy, environmental and logistic planning, and vehicle monitoring. Finally, the research will focus on modeling, logistics management, and transport of media, information, and telecommunication aspects. European Regional Development Fund Lazio Europe.

European Regional Development Fund

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