Key TIC Service Platform Features

The native format for dates and events

The platform receives and stores information in its native format to avoid any loss of information resulting from data conversion.

Rule-based data processing

All data processing is rule-based so that it can easily be adapted to customer needs.


The platform can be used for multiple services. For example, a national TIC can provide the platform to several regional TICs and ensure that operators and services only have access to the data for which they are responsible.

Scenario visualization

Visualization functions are based on local maps and a database containing both static (routes, location of plants and infrastructures, etc.) and dynamic information (real-time traffic data, location of LPT vehicles, accidents localization, construction sites).

Anomaly Detection & Anomaly Resolution

If various authorities report the same traffic event, the platform automatically recognizes similarities, merges similar circumstances, and reports any operator discrepancies.

This is accomplished by converting information into a common standard. A typical scenario is that of data published via FM radio, in the RDS-TMC standard, and digital radio, in the DAP-TPEG standard.

Multichannel and multimedia mobility alerts

Adapters, protocol converters, and software modules automatically acquire and distribute information via several communication channels.

Automatic generation of events and alarms

This feature allows the automatic creation of congestion events from raw data provided by sensors and floating car data. In response to abnormal traffic conditions, the system generates alerts to users and operators, allowing them to carefully monitor the situation.

Compatibility for the exchange of traffic data between individual authorities, regions, and the CCISS is required by the ITS Directive. Traffic data exchange protocols are based on European standards (DATEX II, TMC).

We would like to provide you with the opportunity to use the platform and test its functionalities. All functionalities are available as a service platform or via license of use.

The platform is certified by AGID for the supply of clouding computing services to the Italian public administration.